Monday, May 2, 2016

When Religion Is An Unfair Game

"be quiet
be gentle
submit and forgive
give us your heart
and we'll give you the keys."

these the words
you nailed again and again
into my tender skin

I thought we all bore
these same words on our hearts
but your game was played by different rules
as you riddled me with darts

"be quiet
while i scream
be gentle
while i tear at you
give me your heart
while i keep the doors locked."

these the deeds
you kept me trapped in
while you bloodied my tender skin

So I take ink and needle
and rework the words
turn quiet into confidence
turn submit into indomitable strength
turn forgive into never again
I reclaim the edges of my heart
with fierce lines.
I honor the limits and expanses of myself.
I fling open the doors.
I walk out.

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