Monday, January 9, 2012

Body Peace

I put this on my tumblr, but I thought I'd share it here too.

Body peace means the end of belittling, insulting, and hating my body.

It means making healthy choices out of a place of love, respect, and honor for my body.

It means never judging myself or someone else by their body.

It means never insulting my body in front of others, and when I do share my struggles with body image with others, to only do so with those strong enough to help me carry my burden, not with those I think I could negatively influence to hate themselves.

It means never letting a child hear me say that I’m fat, ugly, or worthless, because children are impressionable and absorb the messages around them, and learn from the adults in their lives how to see themselves.

It means that, if I start a weight loss goal, that it comes from a place of love, respect, compassion, and honor for my body.

It means I will not wait until I’ve gotten healthier to love my body. I will love it in this moment, at this weight, at this size.

It means peace of mind and soul with my body. 

It means rejecting the beauty standards that have come to saturate our lives and psyches, and embracing my own standard of what counts as a beautiful body, mind and soul.

It means celebrating and respecting every body I come into contact with.

It means that, when I falter in loving myself or others, when I falter at making healthy choices, I will not inundate myself with guilt and hatred, but with forgiveness, love, and grace.

It means rejecting the idea that it is wrong or selfish to love yourself, because only when we love ourselves can we truly love others.

What does body peace mean to you?

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