Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Little Patch of Eden in the Asphalt Lands: Part One

You were such a contrast
To the inhabitants upon your land
Who sought gain, power, ease,
Life without the burden (or blessing) of family

You, in death, gave life
To a little child whose eyes beheld only regret

From your tired branches, your withering leaves, I gathered the only fruit of that season--
I gathered your infant in my trembling hands--
Planted her in the soil
And with wondering eyes and bated breath
Watched her climb
Higher into the sky.
She is a mother now
Her seeds gliding toward the ground in the wind
(little birds released, but not free—not yet. Some visions are yet to be seen)
Your remains in the soil about her roots,
Giving life to a new generation.
And I pray, seeing your roots decay into black earthiness as your daughter flourishes:
How I wish to be like you
My little patch of Eden in the Asphalt Lands.

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