Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Many Reasons for Veganism: Death is a Serious Matter

A few years ago, I began to seriously think about mortality. Death is final and irrevocable. Even if one were to believe in a religion founded on a future resurrection, the reality of our current predicament is that humans, animals, and plants die.

With death being so final, I began to realize that the act of killing a creature was a deeply serious act. More solemn than ordering a burger at a drive-thru would lead one to believe.

Because of this, I began to reflect on the worth of animal life, the lives of sentient creatures with nervous systems, capable of experiencing physical and emotional pain.

And I concluded that tasting a steak wasn't as important as keeping the cow from experiencing any unnecessary pain. And slaughter, even "humane" slaughter, for the purpose of palate pleasure, is completely unnecessary. It prematurely ends a precious, unique life for what amounts to an incredibly trivial purpose.

So I went vegan.

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