Monday, September 2, 2013

I Know You Think It's a Sin

Dear Evangelical:

When I post about women in leadership or gay rights,
I know the passages you are about to quote.
I know the reasons you're about to give for your beliefs.
I know your beliefs very well.

Do me a kindness: recognize that I have been wrestling with these issues for years
And that I'm well aware of what you say the Bible says.

I know you think it's a sin.

I am telling you why I think it's not.

Engage my thoughts, or walk away from me.

But don't stuff your ears, scream the Scriptures, and then act as if the conversation is over.

Because I'm not convinced by your polemic, and for good reason.

And I would love to have you listen to the reasons.

And to discuss it like adults.


Gina Marie Perpetua

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