Saturday, January 4, 2014

What Do You Think About Ambition and Contentment?

I've been trying to write something deep and thoughtful about ambition and contentment,
ambition versus contentment,
ambition in spite of contentment,
ambition or contentment,
ambition wedded to contentment.

These two pieces have come across my screen several times recently, and I'd love your feedback: What do you think of them? What is ambition to you? Is it a word brimming with promise? Is it an evil word  of selfishness stripped of all good intent?  Is it what fuels you? Is what eludes you?

What about contentment? Is it possible? Is it like death to you? Is it a word brimming with rest and nourishment? Is it what fuels you? Is it what eludes you?

There are so many stories out there that people like to tell about each of these words. What are yours?

The first piece is an artist's rendering of a commencement address given by Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson:

The second piece is a satirical article by The Onion:,33233/

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