Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Holy Beauty

I was looking for images of ordained women, particularly ones from liturgical traditions. A lot of the images were posted on sites where people were decrying the feminization of the church, the departure from the pure and holy doctrine of male only ordination. Some of them were incredibly vile blogs making fun of people's vestments, singling out women in particular (for what better way to take down a woman than to chide her for her fashion sense?) There were several articles in several reputable online publications discussing women's ordination in the Church of England, where women's pictures were used, but with no caption stating who they were. A few of these articles even had the temerity to interview men without interviewing a single woman close to the matter at hand, but of course still using their images (for the shock value I suppose). So I had to do some digging to find out that the beautiful woman blessing the Host in this photo is Bishop Kay Goldsworthy from Australia, the first female bishop ordained in the Anglican Church of Australia. The sight of her doing this is healing, it reminds me that the God who made us all did not make men more in his image than women, and that all those who are called and qualified to serve can do so.

This image might make some want to mourn, but I offer no sympathy for that. We can respectfully discuss it, but I don't feel a mite of sadness for you.

For all this photo makes me want to do is dance. 

God is my Mother as well as my Father, Halleujah! 

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