Monday, June 9, 2014

You Have No Power Over Me

There's no glass ceiling in animal rescue.

No dog or cat has ever noticed my secondary sexual characteristics and concluded, "Sorry, you're the wrong sex to help me."

They've also never said I'm the wrong sexuality to help them.

Christians say that stuff though.

And you can cry,"But not all Christians do!" and that is a great and wonderful truth

but until the people screaming heresy at women in priestly collars
and men having sex with each other
and people who bend gender expectations

are the minority

and no woman or LGBTQIA person is hurt because of their heresy

(for what can be more heretical than denying the full humanity of the other?)

I find little comfort in, "Not all Christians do."

I've seen too many lives gutted and tossed aside
in the name of evangelical-fundamentalist-conservative heterodoxy.
When your belief system kills people (literally or figuratively)
You no longer have power over me
even though you claim you have the truth.

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